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Symbol Pearl (Recycled)

Papers and boards made with ECF pure cellulose with a high content of selected recycled material, triple blade coated and pearly - finishing on both sides.
gsm Colors Size (inches)
250 Ice 27.5 x 39
170 Ice 27.5 x 39
130 Ice 27.5 x 39
Printing Guide
Symbol Pearl can be used with the main printing systems: letterpress, offset, blind embossing, hot foil blocking, thermographic and screen printing. The surface has no porosity so that inks do not dry through absorption into the media. Polymerization in sheet-fed offset printing takes place by means of oxidation, therefore inks for plastic should be used. Excellent results have been achieved with U.V. inks and in web offset printing with Heat Set inks. The adhesion of the ink, once dry, is very good. It is also particularly important to check the other process variable, especially the fountain solution, which must be dosed at the minimum levels to ensure that emulsioning is kept within moderate levels. We recommend a buffered pH of 5/5, 5 with 800/1200 uS conductivity. It may be appropriate to add small quantities of additives to the fountain solution and/or the ink to accelerate the ink polymerization process. Anti-setoff spray powder is useful and low output stacks are necessary; we advise against the use of water based varnish online if used to avoid set off. Drying times depend on the quantity of ink and process variables and may vary from 8-10 hours more than 24 hours. In this regard, good results are obtained with UCR and GCR grading toreduce the mass of ink transferred onto the paper. The screen-printing, and even hot foil blocking, we recommend inks or foil suitable for plastic-finished surfaces. 

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