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A unique type of paper. Its’ soft and velvety surface is a true joy to the touch. The quality finish of the product, designed with real attention to detail, allows for a superior print finish and excellent performance on press. 
Ispira is made of pure cellulose pulp from well-managed  forests. FSC Certified.
gsm Colors Size
250 Purezza, Passione, Fascino, Saggeza, Mistero 28.3 x 40
120 Purezza, Arancio, Passione, Fascino, Saggeza, Mistero 28.3 x 40
Printing Guide
Ispira can be used with the main printing techniques: offset, dry relief, hot foil, thermographic and screen printing. The use of digital printing technology, such as Xerography, ink-jet and indigo must be tested in advance to check effectiveness. The surface features low microporosity, and consequently the inks do not dry by absorption of the vehicle. Polymerisation in offset printing on sheets is achieved by oxidation; therefore oxidising inks need to be used. Excellent results have also been achieved with UV-dried inks. In screen printing, inks for plastic surface are recommended. In addition, it is essential to control all the printing process variables, especially the wetting solution, which must be used in the minimum dosages. Anti-setoff is useful, while low-pile delivery is required. Drying times depend on the ink load and to what extent the process variable are ensured, and can range from around 6-8 hours up to over 12 hours.

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