Inspiring Innovation: Prestige Paper Products Captivates at Graphic Expo 2023

Inspiring Innovation: Prestige Paper Products Captivates at Graphic Expo 2023

In the face of pressing environmental challenges like climate change, rampant deforestation, and the alarming scale of plastic pollution, the Philippines is also burdened with being one of the primary contributors of plastic waste worldwide.

Now, more than ever, the need for sustainable solutions is pressing.

Last June, Prestige Paper Products heeded this urgent call with their campaign “Paper With Purpose,” which aims to support sustainable solutions and reduce plastic waste. They also emphasized their commitment to protecting marine life through their message, "Safeguarding Our Waters."

Prestige Paper Products further showcased their unwavering commitment to this cause as they introduced their innovative and sustainable paper products at the Graphic Expo 2023 to various brands and professionals in the printing and creative imaging industries.


Unveiling Prestige Paper Products

The 26th Graphic Expo 2023, held last June 15-17 at the SMX Convention Center, is a premier trade show and marketplace for the creative imaging, signage, and printing industries. This event provided exhibitors, print buyers, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, professionals, and leading suppliers with a valuable platform to network, foster interactions, and unveil the industry’s latest trends, innovations, and market insights.

In the midst of renowned brands and distinguished professionals, Prestige Paper Products stood out with its impressive range of premium paper products. These products not only showcase exceptional quality but also emphasize sustainability as a greener alternative to plastic signage, packaging, and other printed brand collateral.

This remarkable show of support and engagement reaffirms the significance of Prestige Paper Products' newly launched sustainable alternatives, which provide eco-conscious solutions to the prevalent use of plastic signage and align with the growing trend of environmental consciousness.

The booth provided a platform for guests to engage in discussions and express their keen interest in the brand's sustainable offerings. Visitors actively sought samples and participated in in-depth discussions about the newly launched products. The genuine interest displayed by the customers reflects a growing demand for sustainable alternatives that align with their environmental values.

The productive discussions and interactions among brands, organizations, and professionals further underscore their shared commitment to environmental conservation and their eagerness to make a positive impact by adopting products that minimize their ecological footprint.

Introducing the Newly Launched Products


Prestige Paper Products presented a diverse range of options that elevate the quality of paper products made from sustainable materials, proving that businesses, organizations, and individuals alike can enjoy quality paper products without hurting the environment.

The product lineup includes the following:

• The ESKA Board stands out as an ideal and sustainable alternative to non-biodegradable Sintra boards as it is made from post consumer waste (PCW) material and is FSC certified. This sturdy, printable, and adaptable material is compatible with Digital UV Flatbed inks which makes it a great choice for signages, books, stationary products, and luxury packaging.

• Extremely durable and compatible with Latex, UV, and Offset printing, the Rock Paper 215um 240gsm is not only an optimal choice for creating impressive out-of-home promotional posters and banners, but it is also a noteworthy sustainable alternative to traditional plastics and tarpaulins.

• Artistic Canvas; Gloss and Matte, all of which have ink compatibility with solvent, eco-sol, UV, and latex printers. These products guarantee vibrant and true-to-life color reproduction. Artists can unleash their creativity by transforming digital artworks into stunning prints, while businesses can use these papers for in-store displays, gallery exhibits, and promotional materials.

• The brand also introduced greener, PVC-Free options Backlit PET 215um and Banner PET Grey Back 190um that enhance eco-friendliness through renewability or recyclability. These products feature specialized coatings and ink compatibility for impeccable image clarity and vibrant colors, ideal for captivating graphics, posters, in-store displays, and exhibition panels.

• Artists and businesses can confidently depend on the Poster Satin Paper 175gsm to create visually striking designs and communicate their messages effectively through posters, in-store advertising, exhibition panels, and in-store displays. With ink compatibility across solvent, eco-sol, UV, and latex printers, they ensure accurate and vibrant results.

• For architects and urban planners, the Map Paper 115gsm for CAD is the perfect solution for their CAD printing, floor plans, and maps. Its ink compatibility includes dye and pigment.

• The Imitlin Tela Neve has high abrasion resistance and lightfastness, making it an exceptional option ideal for binding, packaging, lining, and wall decor. This product’s ink compatibility includes latex and offset-machines.

• The Panka Board, compatible with UV and off-set machine inks, is a great solution for beermats, capseals, cake underlays, and other types of specialized end-user products where high stiffness and thickness are required.

Amidst the array of premium paper products on display, Prestige Paper Products seized the opportunity to amplify their call for sustainability and emphasize their commitment to safeguarding our waters. Every product highlighted the brand's dedication to offering eco-friendly alternatives that minimize environmental impact.


Forging A Path Towards Sustainable Solutions to Safeguard Our Waters

Prestige Paper Products' presence at the Graphic Expo 2023 made a lasting impression. With a commitment to premium quality, their range of papers impressed visitors with their remarkable print clarity and vibrant colors. The versatility of their papers showcased in their booth captivated attendees as they demonstrated the diverse applications of their products across various industries.

 But what truly set Prestige Paper Products apart was their unwavering dedication to sustainability, offering eco-friendly alternatives that address the urgent need to reduce plastic waste.

With plastic waste plaguing the Philippines and the world at large, Prestige Paper Products has taken a proactive stance by launching a range of eco-friendly products that serve as viable alternatives to plastic signage and displays.

The positive engagements and discussions with customers serve as further validation of the growing demand for sustainable options and act as inspiration for continued innovation in the pursuit of a greener future. Together, we can forge a path towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society, one engagement at a time.

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